Greating i want to welcome you to hash tag football!

Hash tag football is my new blog talking about all things football related from youth to the pros. My name is Eric Griffith and football is my alter ego! Since day one I have loved the sport playing as a youth and having heavy debates with friends, family and co-workers. About who is the best in the business or when is the right age to play or what college player should be going in the first round of the draft. We talk about schemes defensive sets, play calling etc. You name it we talk about it! over the years multiple people asked why don’t I try to go work at ESPN and my answer is always the same.  “Try moving your family to Connecticut!” I know my girl isn’t going for that from crab cakes in Baltimore to nothing in UConn state. Yeah not going to happen. But this is what my site is all about I hope you enjoy my weekly postings. if you would like for me to talk about something please let me know and I will put it up on the site.

thank you ,




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